Got too much time on your hands with the lockdown? Well, this is the perfect opportunity to start all the shows your friends recommended but were always too long for you to commit to. 

Here are our favourite super long shows that’ll last you the entire quarantine:

1. The Big Bang Theory – 279 episodes

With 12 seasons to watch, the adventures of Leonard, Sheldon, Howard, Raj and Penny will keep you company through quarantine. 


2. Modern Family – 244 episodes

This show has some beloved characters, from Phil to Gloria. And now that it’s about to end this month, why not catch up with all the 11 seasons when you have the time? 

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3. Game Of Thrones – 73 episodes

With 8 exceptionally long seasons, this fantasy action show inspired by George R. R. Martin’s books will definitely keep you company through the lockdown. And if you’re watching it for the first time, you’ll finally understand what all the fuss was about. 


4. Gossip Girl – 121 episodes

Missing drama in your life? Binge-watch the complicated lives of Serena and Blair as they navigate through high school and relationships. 


5. The Simpsons – 673 episodes

With 30 seasons to binge-watch, the Simpson family will keep you entertained no matter how long you’re locked in for. 

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6. Supernatural – 318 episodes

You have 15 seasons to drool over brothers Dean and Sam Winchester as they catch ghosts, demons and all things supernatural. 


7. Grey’s Anatomy – 356 episodes

One of the longest running medical dramas, you finally have the time to watch the first 16 seasons of this show as it preps for a 17th! 

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8. Two And A Half Men – 262 episodes

Just 12 seasons of Charlie Harper living his best life. This light-hearted sitcom makes for a good watch when you just want to take your mind off things. 

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9. FRIENDS – 236 episodes

Are you ready to watch 10 non-stop seasons of your favourite gang? It’s time to practice how well you remember every single reference and dialogue. 


10. Criminal Minds – 319 episodes

A sucker for crime dramas? Well, this has 15 seasons of non-stop action that’ll keep you at the edge of your seat. 


11. Mad Men – 92 episodes

With 7 seasons and 92 episodes in total, this period drama series set in an advertising agency takes you through the high and lows of Donald Draper’s life. It’s super addictive, so it’s good that you have all this time on your hands. 


12. South Park – 307 episodes

This pun-ny and extremely inappropriate show has 23 seasons! The episodes are short and hilarious, makes this show a twister, yet light watch. 


13. American Horror Story – 103 episodes

This horror show brings a new storyline with every season, which basically means you’ll be done watching 9 different shows by the time you complete this one. 


14. Doctor Who – 851 episodes

With 12 seasons in the bag, the Doctor is ready to take you on a journey across the universe with fish fingers and custard. This show is one hell of a ride. 


15. The Good Wife – 156 episodes

Follow the journey of a wife and a mother of two as she goes back to her law career when her husband, a former State attorney is imprisoned for a sex and corruption scandal. Even after 7 seasons, this show will leave you wanting more. 


16. Gilmore Girls – 153 episodes

These 7 seasons will make you laugh and cry as this mother-daughter duo prove that there is nothing in the world you can’t face, when you have love on your side. 

The Atlantic

17. The Walking Dead – 139 episodes

You’ll finish 10 seasons of this post-apocalyptic horror television series in quite a hurry. Because there is a chance that the nightmares won’t let you sleep once you begin watching it. 


18. Family Guy – 339 episodes

This hilarious animated sitcom following the lives of the Griffins has 18 seasons that you can just play in the background as you get work done around the house. 


19. Blacklist – 143 episodes

This crime thriller will keep you on your toes as you watch a fugitive surrender himself to the FBI, only to help them catch other criminals. 

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20. Dexter – 96 episodes

Follow a serial killer who only kills bad guys and has a day job as a forensic expert as he falls in love, kills and even has a kid over a span of 8 seasons. 

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How many of these can you actually finish?