Prabhas, the South Indian actor who shot fame in Bollywood after playing the role of Baahubali is also known for his good deeds and pure heart. 

Reportedly, Prabhas gifted his gym trainer, Laxman Reddy, a Range Rover Velar SUV.  

It is being said that the car is worth Rs.73.30 Lakh which renders it to be one of the costliest cars gifted to a staff or a friend by an actor/actress. 

Laxman also happens to be a former bodybuilder and even received a Mr.World 2010 title. 

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Prabhas didn’t just stop there, he also adopted 1650 acres of Khazipally reserve forest. This step comes due to the Green Indian Challenge program by MP Joginapally Santosh Kumar as per sources.

Prabhas along with state forest minister, A Indrakaran Reddy laid the foundation of the forest which will be turned into an urban eco park. 

The actor also observed the reserve forest from a temporary watchtower with others followed by planting a few saplings in the reserve regions. 

I have always been the nature lover. I thank MP Joginapally Santosh Kumar and Telangana government for the opportunity.


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Prabhas is one such actor who has proven that a kind heart and good intentions can take you a long way.