We often tell you about some obscure person who’s not been in the news recently and who we have really fond memories of and tell you how they look right now. It amuses a lot of you guys and some, not that much. However, in the age of superhero movies, we often forget how they initially started out. With limited CGI and heavy reliance on practical effects, our favourite superheroes look very different now.

We found a few images that sum up these transformations on Bored Panda. Here they are:


1. Iron Man (1977 and 2008)

I agree. Tony Stark is a dick.


2. Hulk (1978 and 2012)

Proteins and Steroids have had an effect on him.


3. Superman (1948 and 2016)

Back when Superman wasn’t that whiny.


4. Catwoman (1966 and 2012)

Nolan’s catwoman does care about keeping her identity a secret.


5. Thor (1978 and 2015)

The older Thor looks creepy AF.


6. Wolverine (2000 and 2013)

Logan has clearly been working out.


7. Nick Fury (1998 and 2016)

The older version doesn’t look bad at all.


8. Spider-Man (1977 and 2016)

What were they thinking back in ’77?


9. The Punisher (1989 and 2016)

Why can’t we have both of them play the Punisher? Life isn’t fair.


10. Daredevil (2003 and 2015)

From the worst to the best Marvel property, Daredevil has come a long way!


11. Robocop (1987 and 2014)

They should have never rebooted the franchise.


12. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1993 and 2016)

Back in the day, the heroes in a half-shell were way cooler.


13. Batman (1943 and 2016)

The older one looks like bad cosplay.


14. Wonder Woman (1975 and 2016)

I prefer the original costume.


15. Captain America (1990 and 2016)

Steve Rodgers seems much more sleek now.


16. Power Rangers (1993 and 2017)

The new ones seem like Iron Man suits. Aargh!


17. Doctor Strange (1978 and 2016)

The older costume is still pretty good.


18. Supergirl (1984 and 2015)

They’re basically the same here.. except the bad acting. The older actress wasn’t that bad at her job.


19. The Flash (1990 and 2015)

Barry Allen skipped leg-day.


20. Fantastic Four (1994 and 2015)

How did they manage to screw this up?


Did we miss out on any of your other favourite superheroes? Let us know in the comment section.

H/T – BoredPanda