He is funny, crass, stupid and says the weirdest things at the weirdest of moments. Being self-aware of his role as a fictional character, Deadpool also pokes a lot of fun at other superheroes. And Deadpool 2 was no different in this matter.

Spoiler Alert: Do not proceed if you haven’t watched Deadpool 2.

Wade Wilson a.k.a Deadpool is an asshole of the highest order. 

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1. Deadpool 2 starts with parodying Wolverine’s death with a musical toy of an impaled Logan.

Yup. They started with making fun of Wolverine’s death. Then there were a couple of quick jokes about Logan riding the R-rated coattails of the first Deadpool film and upping the ante by dying in it. Hell, Deadpool was so pissed that he actually wanted to die in the film to make it a hit. 

2. Deadpool doesn’t waste time making fun of the ‘Martha’ moment between Batman and Superman

Deadpool makes this joke very early in the film when he gets home late to his girlfriend Vanessa. And as an excuse, he says that he met a crazy vigilante guy but they became friends once they realise that both their moms are called Martha. 


3. Deadpool finally says what we all have been thinking all along: What the fuck do the Avengers need Hawkeye for?

When Deadpool gets sent to the Icebox, they put an inhibitor around his neck that negates his superpowers. And without his healing factors keeping his rampant cancer in check, Deadpool quickly starts to wear away. So when his kid friend Russell asks him to help them escape, he tells him that he’s useless and they should give him a bow and arrow now, cos’ he might as well be Hawkeye. 


4. When Wade Wilson regrets fighting Cable, an old dude with a ‘Winter Soldier arm.’

When Cable attacks Russell in the Icebox, Deadpool tries to save the kid by fighting him. It is when he notices Cable’s bionic body parts that he says that he didn’t know he would be fighting an old guy with a ‘Winter Soldier arm’. 

5. Christian Bale might have made it immortal, but Deadpool just made it cool. 

When Cable and Mr. Pool fight for the first time, the former is surprised by the fact that someone was holding his own against a soldier from the future. So he asks, “Who are you?” To which Deadpool replies, “I’m Batman.” Michael Keaton started saying that line when he was Batman and then Christian Bale immortalised it when he said it for Batman Begins


6. Deadpool even takes a dig at the dark world Jack Snyder had created for the DCEU.

As the fight between Cable and Deadpool progresses, the former tells Wade about the dark future he is from and why he wants to kill the boy. To which he responds with, “So dark. You sure, you’re not from the DC universe?”


7. Deadpool wants to leave for a planet of functional idiots, where he could be a Superman to them.

After Vanessa’s death, Wade goes into depression and while talking to Weasel, he tells him about how he wishes he could go to another planet of functional idiots and be a Superman to them.

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8. He even takes a dig at Domino, calling her the black Black Widow.

During another one of these fight sequences, Deadpool refers to Domino as the Black Black Widow.

9. We all saw this coming. Deadpool calls Cable, Thanos in the middle of a battle.

Cable and Deadpool banter back and forth throughout the movie. In one such moment, Deadpool calls Cable, “Thanos”, a reference to actor Josh Brolin’s iconic character in Avengers: Infinity War.

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10. Deadpool knos how effective Natasha Romanoff’s little lullaby was to calm down the Hulk. So he tries it on Juggernaut. 

In Avengers: Age of Ultron, we saw Black Widow calm down the Hulk by talking to him in a particular manner, which caused the green rage monster to go back to sleep and let Bruce Banner take control. In Deadpool 2, after Juggernaut kicks some serious ass, Deadpool gets on his shoulders and says the exact same words, “Hey big guy, the sun’s getting real low.” Needless to say, it didn’t work out. 

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11. And most importantly, he goes back in time to erase the mistake that was X-Men Origins: Wolverine

In one of the post-credit scenes of the film, Deadpool tries to right the wrongs in his life. One of the biggest mistakes that he corrects is his portrayal of a mute Deadpool in the Wolverine origins movie. How he does that is basically by shooting his former self.


12. He also shoots Ryan Reynolds before he could sign for Green Lantern.

This was possibly the most satisfying moment in the film. Deadpool finds Ryan Reynolds as he is done reading the Green Lantern script and shoots him point blank in the head before he could sign it. 


13. ‘Where are all the important X-Men?’ – Deadpool

In one of the scenes in the Xavier mansion, Deadpool tells Cable about how successful his first film was and the studio should throw him a bone and get some high-level X-Men characters. Just then, we get to see a glimpse of Quicksilver as Beast shuts the door on Mr. Pool’s face.

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 14. When Deadpool decides to give cute nicknames to Negasonic Teenage Warhead. Like calling her Eleven.

The banter between Negasonic… Warhead and Deadpool is now of legendary status. Pool takes it a notch higher when he calls her Eleven.

That man deserves to have a movie with a bigger budget. Are you listening FOX?