A lot goes into making a superhero movie. And I am not talking about going through decades of comics, casting the right actors or any of that stuff. What we are about to see here is how big a role special effects play to make a film like Endgame, a spectacle. 

I am not going to take any of your time. Just go through it yourself. 

1. There is no head to go through here, Thanos. Actually it’s really heartbreaking to see that even Stormbreaker ain’t real! 


2. In case you had forgotten… hehehe! Honestly though, that still fucking haunts me. 


3. Who knew Green Lantern could look shittier? 


4. I wonder how Tessa Thompson managed to keep a straight face while riding that!


5. Jut like Spidey here, I once tried to do the same thing a plastic chair. It broke. I fell. But since we are Indians, my mum smacked me for falling! 


6. It must be some job to get dressed up in a green unitard and get patted on the head by Dave Bautista. 


7. Oh dear god! What have they done to Robert Downey Jr?


8. That’s basically Liz Olsen doing the Nimbooda Nimbooda dance from Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam.

Geeks on coffee

9. Presenting to you, the god of jumping around with a toy hammer!

Geek on coffee

10. Oh dear Lord! That man used to be Sherlock Holmes. 


11. Just Scarlett Johansson getting a piggyback ride from a random extra!

Geeks on coffee

12. Remember this scene?


13. If you look closely, you can see Chris Evans smirking!

geeks on coffee

14. You can just that expression on this face. It’s screaming, ‘I went to acting school for this!’

We Heart It

15. Can anyone honestly tell me what those extras behind Brandon Routh are doing?


16. It’s a very muscular Chris Hemsworth choking the life out of Mark Ruffalo!


17. This is a bonus. Too many things happening here to describe!

This has been a horrifying experience. You know why they don’t take you through the behind the scenes of a magic show? This is why!