What happens when two incredible women meet?

Canadian YouTube star Lilly Singh aka Superwoman recently met girls rights champion, Malala Yousafzai  and posted this incredibly cute photo on Facebook.


But these women didn’t just meet, they decided to make a difference. Malala and Superwoman have come together to spread some #GirlLove. 

On the Facebook post, Superwoman expressed her love and respect for Malala. She wrote,

“I am so proud to be living in a time where women like Malala exude courage even in times of fear. It makes me realize that none of us have an excuse to not participate in the fight for humanity.”

She also called on the world to help support women’s issues and bring change.

“Issues surrounding women are not too large to fix, they aren’t someone’s else’s problem and they affect every single person. It is simply unacceptable to view women’s rights in any other way. It’s your issue. It’s my issue. Together, we must make a change.”

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