Ever since Sushant Singh Rajput’s family filed an FIR against his girlfriend, actor Rhea Chakraborty, various allegations have been leveled against her. 

Amar Ujala

Now, in an interview with Rajdeep Sardesai, for India Today, Rhea responded to the various allegations and shared her side of the story. 


Rhea shared that though she and Sushant knew of each other, they started dating much later after they interacted at Rohini Iyer’s party. 

Hum kaafi saalon se dost hain. We met at the YRF [Yash Raj Films] gym around 2013. Meri pehli film release ho gayi thi tab tak, aur Kai Po Che bhi aa gayi thi. Mujhe woh tab bhi achhe lagte the. Lagta tha baith ke baat karni padegi. In 2015, we met at Rohini Iyer’s party. He said he fell in love in a day, but I asked for a few days. I had no idea, that ‘I love you’ will cost me so much.

Rhea’s response to the Europe trip, where allegedly, Sushant’s mental health issues started: 

She also added that he suffered bouts of depression on the trip, where he would not leave the hotel room for days. 

Rhea also clarified why Sushant bought tickets for both of them, for the Europe trip, and responded to the allegations that she was ‘living off’ Sushant 

Rhea also commented that Sushant actually had a very close relationship with her brother Showik, and in fact, insisted he be a part of the company Sushant started with Rhea. 

Rhea commented that her relation with Sushant’s family, on the contrary, was strained because allegedly his sister Priyanka had molested her after getting drunk at a party.

Rhea’s response to the allegations that she tried isolating him from his family. 

Rhea shared that she left Sushant’s house because he asked her to, after she suffered a panic attack. She added that this was why she sought director Mahesh Bhatt’s advice, because she was broken by Sushant’s behavior: 

Rhea also responded to the allegations that she was administering medical and recreational drugs to Sushant, that led to the deterioration of his mental health:

Rhea completely denied the allegations of a Hard Drive being destroyed/wiped. 

She also added that she had left Sushant’s house at the starting of June, and for one week before Sushant’s death, his sister lived with him. She wanted to understand what transpired during that time. And she was also looking for justice for Sushantand had never questioned the need for the CBI investigation. 

You can watch the complete interview here: 

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