It was 5 years ago when Sushant Singh Rajput entered the world of Bollywood, and for this 32-year-old star, there has been no turning back. 

But while he might have moved from Patna to Mumbai, and from TV serials to Movies, Sushant Singh Rajput is still a simple guy, in love with the stars up in the sky rather than the ones around him. 

And his Mumbai house completely reflects his personality. 

With an entertainment room, a reading room, and his ‘time machine’ (a ‘Meade 600’ telescope) in the living room, his home definitely houses all his interests. 

According to Architectural Digest, even though the house today has everything that he loves, he actually bought the house basis a virtual walkthrough only (as he was shooting in Budapest at the time). 

His house represents intergalactic themes, or as he says, 

My living room encourages time travel in a way because there are different stories here, condensed in different forms, talking about different histories, the future, everything. These pictures on the wall are interesting. If you look closely at any of pictures, they tell a compelling story.

From a reading room that houses a yellow study table to an entertainment room which has pictures and memorabilia that pay homage to the star’s fascination with NASA, Sushant Singh Rajput’s home does not follow a theme because this is how he wanted his house to be. 

My home is a mix of everything. It doesn’t follow a pattern or a particular design. I wanted to break and attach things to make something new. 

Talk about a dream bachelor pad! 

All images from Stories in Motion