Sushmita Sen has been winning our hearts and setting goals for women for the past two decades now. Ever since she won the Miss Universe title in 1994, her life has been a roller coaster ride that has inspired all ’90s girls


Her decision to be a single mother of two adorable girls proves that she has not looked for society’s approval to live her life. And she has been pretty amazing at it!



Sushmita’s love life has always interested the media and she has never been shy about it. Back in 2015, when she was seen sporting a 22 carat diamond ring, there were speculations that she was engaged. But she shut them up and that women don’t need men to buy them diamonds.

“I don’t need a man in my life to have diamonds. I can own them myself,” she had said.


In another such statement, she posted an image on Instagram with a kick-ass caption. 

“A diamond is forever. My most famous rock, a massive ring that I gifted myself a while ago that gently stated, ‘Either beat the size of my stone or match the size of my heart’.”


Could she be any more awesome?


More power to you, Sush!