The world has seen some amazing comebacks. Like Johnny Cash, restarting his career after battling with life. Or like Mickey Rourke coming back to acting after spending years in the boxing ring. Or the Boston Celtics making a 24-point comeback in the 2008 NBA Finals (this is a personal analogy, but it works). 

And this year another big comeback is on the horizon. That of the gorgeous and talented Sushmita Sen in ‘Aarya’ — a new and exciting web series which follows the story of Aarya Sareen and her family. What we’ve seen from the trailer it promises to be an edge-of-the-seat thrill fest that follows the transformation of Aarya from a regular wife and mother to a grade-A badass! 

The fast-paced action and intriguing storylines has had everyone excited. So much so, that inspired by the trailer, people decided to put Sushmita Sen’s boss lady character into the posters of the most iconic crime films ever! 

That’s just an ubercool poster showing us a little Aarya ‘Corleone’. 

And that wasn’t it, because then the internet picked this trend up and ran with it. Fans of the show, incited by the trailer, took Sushmita Sen’s character and placed her in posters of different movies that show her as equal to some of these other iconic characters. 

‘Sabka badla legi teri Aarya’ 

This town looks like it belongs to her. 

Aarya Sareen. Poora naam

*Cough*… Mirzapur… *cough* 

You gotta love these fans. When we saw this, even we couldn’t help ourselves and made our own versions of these ‘Aarya’ posters! Check em out! 

Well I guess making posters is all we can do while waiting for the show to drop. But if these fan-made posters are anything to go by, we think this show is going to be badass! Don’t forget to catch ‘Aarya’ premiering on Disney+ Hotstar tomorrow!