Hosted by Farooq Shaikh, Jeena Isi Ka Naam Hai made its way to our TV screens back in 2006. The show had a raw charismatic appeal to it, as it introduced us not just to the celebrities but also their family and friends who had made this journey possible. One episode of this show that we look back at fondly, is the one with Sushmita Sen, where the actor left us teary-eyed while narrating her inspiring win at the Miss Universe pageant. 

Here are some of our favourite moments from her interview:

1. When she revealed that winning pageants and entering Bollywood was a beautiful coincidence for her. And even if she wasn’t here, she would be happy with the other careers she would have chosen. 

2. In true Jeena Isi Ka Naam Hai fashion, we got to meet Sushmita’s family, who has some wonderful things to say about her. Including how her grandfather taught her how to drive a car. 

3. When we got the chance to see childhood pictures of the actor, which proved she had always been this adorable. 

4. When Sushmita introduced Renee as her ‘destiny’ and how she chose Renee because the 6-months-old responded to her name immediately. 

5. And how she fought in court for Renee’s adoption. 

5. We also got a chance to meet Rajat Tara, the model who was Sushmita’s first boyfriend and left Delhi to come to Mumbai during Sushmita’s Miss Universe training, so she wouldn’t be alone. 

6. When she narrated how she was approached to be a part of the Miss India pageant, when she was at a disco. And how she almost withdrew her application because Aishwarya Rai was competing. 

7. And her reaction, when she won. 

8. When we got to know that the clothes Sushmita wore during the competition – including her winning gown, were from Sarojini Nagar. Because she came from a middle-class family and they couldn’t afford designer clothes. 

Even the gloves of her winning gown were made out of black socks. 

9. When she revealed how she made her Bollywood debut with Mahesh Bhatt, despite being afraid of choreographies and dancing. 

10. When we got to meet her Filhaal director, Meghna Gulzar, who admitted she chose Sushmita for the role, based on instinct. 

Watch the full interview here:

All images are screenshots from the show on YouTube.