If there exists in the world a pill which can stop, or better still, reverse ageing, it has to be in the possession of Bollywood diva, Sushmita Sen. Right from her baby steps into super stardom via Miss Universe pageant to eventually becoming the evergreen diva of Bollywood, this single mother of a teenager girl hasn’t aged a day.

b’Source: SW’

In fact, today, as she makes her debut on Instagram, Sushmita still remains the benchmark of ethereal beauty in Bollywood.

Here are 6 photos from her Instagram account which are making the world a better place, one photo at a time:

1. Sush had a unique way of announcing her arrival on Instagram to the world.

2. And hinted that she’s still gonna remain as much of a mystery on social media.

3. While leaving her fans to decipher one of her many moods.

4. Living in the moment.

5. As they say, be yourself.

6. Because sometimes you need a moment in the dark to come out shining.

Thanks, Sushmita. You make Instagram a better place!

All images sourced from Instagram