Swara Bhasker recently announced her decision to adopt a child & has begun with the procedure. But being a single mother is not easy, as she talks about concerns she had to deal with when she chose to be a single mother. 

As of now, Swara has registered herself as a ‘Prospective Adoptive Parent’ (PAP) with the Central Adoption Resource Authority (CARA). 

In an interview with Free Press Journal, Swara said it is a long process, as she is now on the waiting list just like everyone else is. “The process of adoption is very detailed with several steps, including background checks. That happened to me as well.”

Swara has full support from her family and friends. But the actor is well aware of the fact that being a single mother is a big step and is ready to take up the responsibility.

There are those very typical concerns that people have like ‘Oh, you know, now you won’t get married, or ‘Who will marry you, and I did hear that from some people. But I have to say that overwhelmingly, I had a lot of support from my parents, my brother, my sister-in-law, my close friends, and my family.

She further talked about how Bollywood celebs who turned mothers are often shamed for “not being available” for their children.

In India, you don’t raise a child alone. There are a lot of support systems and structures that surround us. And that’s not a bad thing. Our families are structured in a way that actually enables women to have jobs and careers and be able to bring up the children if they can afford the help. Or if they can have the family support system, which I am lucky to have.

Swara will be seen next in Jahaan Chaar Yaar. She wrapped up the shooting of the film in Goa a few months ago.

Honestly, let a woman do what she wants.