Recently, actor Swara Bhasker had a ‘wildlife adventure’ under the lockdown and it was not so much wild, as it was cute. 

In an IGTV video, she talked about how, while walking her dog in the building’s garden/parking area, she saw him sniffing at something. What she initially thought was garbage turned out to be a baby kite. 

The security guard of her building informed her the baby had fallen from its nest a few days ago, and its mother or the nest were nowhere to be seen. 

Swara then brought the baby kite home, spoke to an NGO, and also named it “CHANGEZ after Genghis Khan”. 

Many people commented on the post, because who could resist after watching the adorable baby ‘bird of prey’: 

And the only wildlife adventure I’ve had is to become friends with the rat who lives in my house.