Over 130 migrant workers have lost their lives trying to get home during the lockdown. Some were taking a train home and didn’t get any food or water during the heat, some lost their lives due to exhaustion. 

The coronavirus lockdown has been the harshest towards migrant workers. Documenting their plight in her latest Instagram post, Taapsee Pannu shared a poem she’s narrated, titled Pravaasi

The poem has images that left us shaken up during the lockdown, of those who couldn’t make it home and died trying. 

The poem talks about hunger, fright and the sheer loss of self-worth that migrant workers have felt during the last three months. It also draws from the tragic scene of a toddler who tried to wake his mother up at a railway station in Bihar. 

Watch the full poem here:

Her heartbreaking poem tells the truth behind the current lockdown and the repercussions that have hit them the worst.