What the world is going through, right now, is far from ideal but things can only be so bad when you have a Farishta living among humans.

I am talking about Taher Shah’s new animation song (written, sung, directed and conceptualised by him), which is about finding the angel inside us. 

Or so I think. 

I mean, understanding Taher’s art is not easy, but from what I figured, he is trying to put across the message that while we look for an angel who will solve our problems, it is within us.

Now you might think I am on drugs, and I will say that yes I am. I’m intoxicated with Taher’s voice. 

Also, there is no going back once you see this image 10 times in 5 minutes.

The song is also about love.

Tanhai meri farishta si, teri mohabbat farishta bhi, tere bina mai tanha jaisay, dharkan bina dil tanha. 

Which means: My loneliness is an angel and so is your love. Without you, I am like a heart that doesn’t beat.

So, to find a soulmate, you have to look for a ‘love angel’ who is exactly like your ‘loneliness angel’…and then yayy.

Farishte se rishta banana hai. 

You get my point?

(Please say yes because I will keep going on and I am afraid we don’t have that kind of time on our hands.)

As for the setting of the song, it looks like heaven but then if the angel is inside the insaan, it could very well be Earth looking like jannat.

Another possible theory is that none of what I understood is true and the makers were stoned. A friend of a friend of a friend told me that certain substances have this effect.

We may never know what the meaning of the song is, but you can try and figure it out by watching it below. Remember, though: Farishte saray chup hi rehte hain, un pholoon ki tarhaan jo khamosh rehte hain.

All images in the article are screen grabs from the video.