He had warned us way in advance about his New Year gift to his fans, haters and trollers. He may have fled the country fearing the death threats but Taher Shah is a man of his words. 

Lo behold, he has come out with a brand new single called ‘Humanity Love’ . And mind you, he is not alone. He has a cat for company.


Taming his unruly mane into a man-bun of sorts, Taher Shah dabbles in some poetry in his new song. 


And if you think you are still scarred by his last two singles, Eye to Eye and Angel, the man hasn’t moved on ever since. He is still latching on to them with lines in his new video that read, love to an angel and how true love resides in one’s eyes – by default referring to his viral hits.

b’Image source: Youtube screen grab’

Imagine the poor cat in the video who had to suffer those lines in Shah’s quintessential monotone. 

Here’s the new video for your ‘eyes’ only.