In the world of uncanny resemblances, the combinations come from the strangest of places. You never know when the human visage will pull a double stop, but it’s always interesting, like the curious case of Enzo Ferrari and Mesut Ozil.

The Sun

Not only do the 2 of them look exactly the same, what’s even weirder is that 2 month after Ferrari died in 1988, footballer Mesut Ozil was born. While in the rabbit hole of strangeness, we also stumbled upon a Reddit post pointing out just how alike Dev Anand and Taika Waititi look. 

Just 1 photo is never enough to drive the point home though, so here’s a whole bunch!

One of them saved his sister from some horrible hippies, the other directed Thor: Ragnarok. Both legends.

The eyebrows, the hair, the glint in the eye – everything is the same!

Maybe they were actually twins separated at birth. Excuse the age difference obviously, this is a hypothetical situation.

Both of them had the smoulder down pat!

It’s uncanny! We need an explanation for this glitch in the Matrix.

It’s almost like putting the old-person filter on a young Dev Anand.

Look at both these doppelgangers, just staring into your soul, looking all similar and shit.

Even their hair is in a pompadour, though the exact kind of pouf is slightly different. Elvis and vegans would be proud.

I wonder if Taika knows that he has such a strange connection with India. New-Zealand Bharat Bhai Bhai.

So yeah, that’s Taika Anand, or Dev Waititi for you. Someone please show this to Taika, maybe he’ll put Hare Krishna Hare Ram in the next Thor film.