Just a few hours ago, Taika Waititi hosted an Instagram Live Watch Party for Thor: Ragnarok.

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Although it was pretty much just Mark Ruffalo and Waititi hanging out on Instagram and being super goofy. 

Waititi also talked about giving Meik a power suit! That is some trolling, isn’t it?

But while he was busy doing all that, fans noticed something else on the script for Thor: Love & Thunder. 

First of all, it’s an MCU script for a much anticipated movie. 

And guess, who makes a comeback to the MCU?

We heart it

Tony Stark comes out of nowhere and says ‘WAZZZUUUUURRRP!’! Funnily enough, Thor had the same reaction to this as most of us, albeit his response was a bit more Shakespearean. 

Do’th mineth eyeth deceiveith me?

-Thor Odinson


Also, apparently Thanos is back and the team needs to get back together. 

He then goes on to suit up in the Iron Man suit, this time with every nation’s flag on it!


In case, you haven’t realised it yet, it’s a joke. Taika was obviously just messing with us and letting us have a good time while we are all stuck inside our houses!


Even then, this led to a massive laughter riot on Twitter!

BTW, they will be called ‘The The Avengererers’ from now on, as Waititi wished.