In association with Taj

Goa has been our favourite getaway destination since time immemorial and adding Taj to the equation makes the getaway even more travel-worthy. If you’ve ever checked into a Taj, you’d agree that whatever a guest’s request may be, it’s always a yes from them, and I don’t use the word ‘always’ lightly. Well, now they’ve raised the bar even higher. Recently, more than 60 Taj Goa associates came together to make a music video that takes us through everything that awaits us in Goa, in the most glamorous fashion. Before we go on to talk about it at length, you can watch it here:

Magnificent? We think yes.

Let’s be honest. Most of us primarily care about Goa for its beaches and music fests, right? In a way, this video makes us realize all that we’ve been missing out on when we’re at the perfect holiday destination. And that the finest Goan experiences are all available in one place — Taj.

Yes, you can order eggs and bacon at 3 A.M., go rappelling, renew your vows in the grandest fashion or sail into the setting sun with your best friend.

And then, there are even finer experiences that you absolutely won’t get anywhere else.

Take, for example, a meal made by the legendary Chef Urbano De Rego — a man who’s been the gold standard for Goan food for the last 36 years. A man who is so infatuated with cooking he’s known to carry his own ingredients with him. A man, for whom, the only thing that matters is that no dish he plates should return unfinished.

Or a casual stroll at the breathtakingly stunning Fort Aguada, an iconic structure that’s stood its ground since 1612. This fortress that you may have seen on calendars and postcards makes for the perfect backdrop when you stay at the Taj Fort Aguada Resort & Spa.

And then, ladies and gentlemen, there’s the 19th-century Portuguese tradition of Fado music. It’s a genre in which baritone vocals, guitars and mandolins create soulful symphonies about the darker side of love, death and sadness. This art form is so rich that it’s actually on UNESCO’s cultural heritage list. The lady you see in the picture is Sonia Shirsat, otherwise known as the ambassador of Goan music to the world. Now imagine spending an evening listening to her, when you stay at the Taj.

Yet, with this, we’ve just scratched the surface of all the things you can see, eat, experience and encounter in Goa if you make Taj a part of your journey. Whether you seek romance, adventure, indulgence or even just a bit of introspection, it’s all there in one place. And I, for one, am completely sold!