The chains on your mood swings have snapped, and now it's out of control. One moment you're swing dancing with Elvis Presley, and the very next second you're fuming mad while typing out a work e-mail. That little brain has too many tabs open.  


But the good news is, that we can always turn to entertainment to spice up our day, and Amazon Prime Video is that one-stop destination, which has a plethora of content for all our moods. Choose from a vast repertoire of content covering action, adventure, animation, biography, comedy, crime, documentary, drama, family, fantasy, horror, mystery, musical, romance, sci-fi, sports, thriller, war and western among others. So whether you're mushy in love, or want to travel to an unknown land, or looking for some horror, Amazon Prime Video has got your back.

So sit back and take this fun quiz to find out what's your mood today. And we'll also tell you, what should be on your watch list today. *Popcorn pops in oven*

What kind of food are you craving?  

Which word best describes you right now? 

How’s your self-esteem right now?

Pick a colour

If you were at a party right now, you would… 

If a stranger walks up to you, you’d say...

What superpower would you like to possess right now?

What kind of music you would listen to?

You have a deadline to meet. Your reaction would be…

Have you cried today? 

How would you react to an annoying co-worker today?