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Take This ‘Hera Pheri’ Quiz & ‘Bol Bol Ke Sabko Score Bata De’

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If you ever want to know how cool you are, then you have got to answer this Hera Pheri quiz because there ain't no style like Baburao's style. 

1. What were the names of the lead actors in the movie? 

2. Who was originally meant to play the role of Shyam? 

3. Hera Pheri was the remake of which Malayalam film? 

4. How many 'Pos' does Shyam sing in the song 'Main Ladki Po Po Po?'

5. Which song does Shyam hear when he is about the sign a blank paper?

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6. In the movie, there is a printing error in the telephone directory between Star Garage & Star__?

7. What is the name of Devi Prasad's granddaughter who is kidnapped? 

8. How much money does Kabira ask in exchange for Devi Prasad's granddaughter the first time? 

9. What was the initial title of the movie? 

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10. What is the actual landline number of Star Garage? 

11. Which movie is the second installment of Hera Pheri? 

12. Who was all set to play the role of Anuradha before Tabu? 

So, how cool are you? 


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