Take This ‘Jism’ Quiz & See If You Have Any ‘Jaadu & Nasha’ Left In Your Soul

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Every time I think of Jism, I always find myself humming their evergreen songs. But that's not it. They had a pretty hard-hitting storyline sprinkled with quite a few steamy scenes. So, let's test your knowledge and see how well you know the movie. 

1. 'Jism' is a remake of which movie? 

2. Who is making his/her debut in the movie? 

3. What were the names of the lead of the movie? 

4. How many best friends does John have in the movie? 

5. What is John's profession in the movie? 

6. What's the name of the second instalment of the movie? 

7. Who is Bipasha Basu's character married to? 

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8. The poster of the movie is inspired from which brand's ad? 

9. How does John kill Bipasha in the end? 

10. Fill in the blanks, "Jaadu Hai, Nasha Hai, ___ Hai"

11. Who finally changes Rohit's will? 

12. Who investigates the murder case of Rohit? 

So, how much do you know about Jism?


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