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So what if the owl hasn't shown up yet with our acceptance letter. We, magical folks, don't need a reason to indulge our collective fascination for the wonderful wizarding universe of Hogwarts. But this year, we got one anyway. The magical world of the Harry Potter movie franchise has turned 20, as the first film in the epic eight-part series released back in 2001! And to celebrate this, Cartoon Network is premiering the movie series (all 8 of 'em!) starting this November until January.

Now for us, Potter fans, the four houses at Hogwarts go beyond the very purpose of organising the Quidditch teams to be a way of life. Which also goes to show that we have often wondered what type of a student we will be over there. Admit it. So have you! So get your robes on and your trunk at the ready, because this quiz will reveal how well you’d fare at Hogwarts. Maybe, also keep some Felix Felicis handy for good luck!

Which spell do you use to create an invisible shield?

Which charm fills the ears of its victim with buzzing noise?

If you miss the Hogwarts Express, which flying car would you steal to get there? 

Which incantation ends the effects of weather spells? 

Which one of these are the effects of the Draught of Living Death? 

This alchemist created the Philosopher’s Stone with a lot of hard work. Thanks to the elixir of life, he lived a long life and was also friends with Dumbledore. What’s his name again? 

What is the correct wand movement for the charm 'Wingardium Leviosa'

On which floor is the off-limits corridor located in? 

Which one of these ingredients is NOT used in the making of Polyjuice Potion?