Take This Quiz To See If You Actually Binge-Watched 'Paatal Lok', Ya Bas WhatsApp Pe Padha Tha

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Do you know what the C on Tope Singh's tattoo really stood for? Do you know who planned the assassination of Sanjeev Mehra? What all did Hathi Ram Chaudhary read on WhatsApp?

If you know the answers to all the above questions, then you're ready to take this quiz: 

1. Which area fell under the jurisdiction of Inspector Hathi Ram Chaudhary?

2. Where does Hathi Ram Chaudhary travel to uncover the mystery about Hathoda Tyagi?

3. How many murder cases was Hathoda Tyagi accused of?

4. What was the name of Cheeni's best friend?

5. Who was Tope Singh working with, in Delhi, when he met Chanda?

6. Hathoda Tyagi's fate is compared to a demon from Hindu mythology by an astrologer. Pick the demon: 

7. What was Kabir M previously convicted for?

8. The hotel waiter overhears Hathoda Tyagi ask for 'Master ji' on a phone call. Who is Master ji

9. Why does Hathoda Tyagi spare Sanjeev Mehra's life?

10. Which mythological story does Hathi Ram refer to, when telling the truth about the assassination to Sanjeev Mehra?

11. What does Tope Singh throw in the river, when the police apprehends them?

12. Who was the real target of the assassination?

All images from Amazon Prime Video. 


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