Take This Test & We Will Tell You If You Make The Cut To Join Billy Butcher's Gang Of The Boys

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Yes superheroes are cool. But what would you say about someone with a wicked sense of humor, and enough sass to give all the bad men a whiplash? Diabolical eh? 

Well, that's Billy Butcher me boy — the foul mouthed gang leader of Amazon Prime Video's The Boys. More than a chief, he's a constant source of support for his lads, and trained them pretty well to take on the evil heroes. And it so happens, that Butcher is on a lookout for a new team member. 

Do you think you can make the cut? Take this quiz to test your knowledge of the Supes and their not-so-good world to qualify for Butcher's gang. 

Why Does Homelander Shoot Down The Mayor Of Baltimore's Plane?

How Was Translucent Killed?

Who gets upset on being cut off from Homelander and Translucent's picture?

What does Starlight blackmail her church camp friend into doing? 

What is the name of Homelander's personal secretary at the Vought? 

Where does Stormfront say she's actually from while introducing herself? 

What is the name of Vought's latest campaign involving the female Supes?

Who's the person that Queen Maeve secretly goes to visit at the hospital? 

What action by Stormfront leads Homelander to feel insecure? 

Why does Becca refuse to elope with Billy Butcher? 


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