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Take This Ultimate 'Jab We Met' Quiz & See If You Deserve A Trip To 'Ganne Ke Khet'

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Unless you're clueless Anshuman, chances are you remember Geet and Aditya's love story that started on a train and ended in mauja hi mauja. So, it's time for jab we test

1. What all does Geet hand over, before climbing the train to Delhi?

2. Geet first meets Aditya when he is occupying her seat on the train. What is her seat number?

3. Who does Geet say the following dialogue to, "Chillar nahi hain mere pass". 

4. Geet and Aditya had to spend some time in Hotel Decent. Which city was Hotel Decent located in?

5. Which of the following is not Geet's dialogue from the film?

6. What is the name of Aditya's ex-girlfriend, whose photo Geets asks him to burn? 

7. Which school is Geet teaching at, while living in Shimla?

8. What tagline does Aditya use to introduced the long-distance calling card named Geet? 

9. Everyone remembers the scene when Geet swears at Anshuman over the phone. So, pick the right sequence from below:  

10. What is Anshuman's profession?

11. Aditya requests Geet's father to give him time before he can get her to Bhatinda. How much time does he ask for? 

12. How many kids do Geet and Aditya have? 

All images from Amazon Prime Video.


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