Har Pal Yahaan Jee Bhar Jiyo. Take This Ultimate Quiz Cuz 'Kal Ho Naa Ho'. Literally Cuz It's 2020

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A grandmother, with her two friends, prayed really hard for her granddaughter to find an eligible munda. God obliged, and gave her two. 

If you understand the movie from this poor description, then this quiz should be a piece of cake for you: 

1. Let's begin with the basics: what were the names of Naina's siblings?

2. Kammo, Vimmo, and Lajjo sing a song at the request of their neighbor, Chadha ji. What's the song? 

3. Select the marriage bureau that Naina's grandmother uses to find an eligible 'munda' for Naina?

4. Okay, we admit it, we're obsessed with the marriage bureau. So, select its jingle from below: 

5. What was Sweetu's complete name?

6. Where does Sweetu first see Ram Dayal aka Frankie?

7. Okay, everyone is at Club Nirvana with Ram Dayal. So, the question is, what are the opening lyrics to the song, It's The Time To Disco?

8. Who, among the following, had a cameo in the film?

9. Aman helps reform Jenny's restaurant. A remixed song plays in the background during the transformation montage. Which movie is the song originally from? 

10. During Naina and Rohit's engagement, Rohit's family prepares a dance performance. What does GUJJU stand for?

11. Okay, we've almost reached the end of the film. So, it's time for the tears. Who tells Naina the truth about Aman's heart condition? 

12. How many kids do Naina and Rohit have?

All images from Netflix. 


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