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Take This Ultimate 'Rang De Basanti' Quiz & See If You Can Enrol In The 'Masti Ki Pathshala'

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Every time we watch Rang De Basanti or listen to its song, we instantly get goosebumps. The storyline, the plot, the dialogues were so enthralling that it still holds a special place in our hearts. To celebrate the greatness that this movie was, take this quiz and see how well you know it.  

1. Before R. Madhavan who was approached to play the role of Ajay Singh Rathod? 

2. Where does Sue live before coming to India for her project? 

3. What does Sue find that encourages her to travel and self-fund a movie? 

4. In the movie, how does the character of R. Madhavan die? 

5. What is Daljit Singh's nickname in the movie? 

6. For Sue's film what role does Karan Singhania play? 

7. In the movie, who does Sue fall in love with? 

8. Fill in the blank. Ek pair past mein hai teh ek pair future mein hai, tabhi toh hum aaj pe___rahe hain.

9. What does Ajay give Karan as a parting gift? 

10. Which radio station's headquarters do they go to confess? 

11. Where do Ajay's friends protest after his death? 

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12. In the movie, how long has it been since Daljit graduated from college? 

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13. When was this film released? 

14. Who is the director of the movie? 

15. Complete the song. Thodi si dhul meri dharti ki mere watan ki. Thodi si khushbu baurai si. Mast ___ ki

So, how much 'rang' was there in your answers? 


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