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Take This Ultimate ZNMD Quiz & Agar Poore Marks Aye Toh ‘Zinda Ho Tum’

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Get ready to see if you're a true, die-hard, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara fan or if you need to rewatch the movie several times to master this quiz. May the odds always be in your favour, bwoys. 

1. So we know that Natasha was an interior designer, but what did Kabir Dewan do for a living? 

2. Who was the ingenious teacher in 'eschool' who was the mastermind behind inventing the term 'bwoys'? 

3. By now everybody knows that Bagwati was worth €12,000 but which of these luxury fashion houses did Bagwati belong to? 

4. Which adventurous activity do the buoys have planned in Costa Brava?

via Mentoria

Deep-Sea Diving 

via Witty Vows

Tomatina Festival 

via Pinterest

Sky Diving 

via India TV

The Bull Race 

5. What was Arjun's girlfriend's name for whom Imraan broke the bro code which led to the big fight?  

6. Arjun turned into a chef to celebrate the trio's first dive but what is this good looking cooking? 

via Simply Recipes


via Dinner At The Zoo

Spaghetti and meatballs 

via Simply Recipes

Butter Chicken 



7. When the gang decided to pull Imraan's leg. They sang a jingle that he wrote for a biscuit company. What were the biscuits called?  

via Tenor

Diamond Busicuit 

via Domestic Gothness

Almond Biscotti 

via ET

Gold Biscuits

via Primo


8. There were only two rules for the Tomatina Festival. One was to squash the tomatoes and the other was _____. 

9. What is the trio and Natasha singing in this scene? 

10. Imraan found a girl and fell in love with her during their life-changing trip, what was her name?

11. Out of the four people, who was the first one to jump from the plane? 

12. How did the three musketeers end up behind the bars? 

13. So we know that Imraan's long-lost biological father was a famous artist in the film who went by the name_______. 

14. According to the main zinda raha toh pact, Imraan would publish his poetry, Kabir would tell Natasha that he won't marry her and Arjun would? 

All stills from Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara are sourced from Amazon Prime Video unless mentioned otherwise. 


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