The reality of being a movie star might be very different from what people envisage. 

For some, this fast-paced, prominent lifestyle might be more of a nightmare than a dream. It’s a challenging industry to work in, with little stability, and many people reach a point where they’ve had enough.

We present to you 10 extremely taleted actors who revealed their stories about the films and the roles that made them quit the industry. 

1. Greta Garbo left Hollywood for good after receiving poor reviews for The Two-Faced Woman.

Greta Garbo played a woman who doubles as her own twin sister in the film The Two-Faced Woman in order to save her marriage. The film received such poor reviews that the then 35-year-old left Hollywood and never made another film.


2. Omar Sharif, after Bomb The 13th Warrior lost his dignity and had to leave the industry.

Omar Sharif, regretted taking part in Bomb The 13th Warrior. After this film, he started declining offers claiming that he had lost all self-respect and that even his own grandkids ridiculed him for this movie.


3. Hayden Christensen quit the industry after the criticism received for his performance In Revenge Of The Sith. 

Hayden Christensen felt like a fraud after receiving media attention (and severe criticism of his performance), so he chose to flee Hollywood and live on a farm.


4. Gene Hackman Announced His Retirement After Welcome To Mooseport

Gene Hackman earned a reputation for himself as a tough guy, but many who worked with him say he was just as volatile behind the scenes. He didn’t even attend the premiere of his final picture, Welcome to Mooseport and retired for good. 


5. Daniel Day-Lewis became so depressed after making The Phantom Thread that he decided to retire. 

Critics and moviegoers alike praised Daniel Day-Lewis’ performance, and he claimed the picture left him with a profound feeling of sorrow. Not long later, he declared his departure from Hollywood.


6.  Jack Gleeson in 2014, retired from acting after finishing his work in Game of Thrones.

Game of Thrones influenced Jack Gleeson’s decision to pursue academics rather than acting.


7. Jake Lloyd was unable to cope with the attention he received for his role in The Phantom Menace.

Jake Lloyd claims that landing the part of a young Anakin Skywalker should have been a dream come true, but it transformed his life into a “living hell.” He was doing up to 60 interviews a day surrounded by paparazzi and was bullied by his schoolmates.


8. Peter Ostrum quit the industry after his first and only role in Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory. 

Peter Ostrum played Charlie Bucket in the 1971 film Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory when he was 12 years old. He  was disappointed by the experience and declined to sign a contract for further films, eventually qualified as a veterinarian.


9. Jaye Davidson after The Crying Game refused to take any further roles because he despised being in the spotlight.

On a whim, Jaye Davidson auditioned for his part in The Crying Game. He tried to back out, but he finished the film and was nominated for an Oscar for his performance. But, he despised fame and never did a movie again. 


10. Shelley Duvall gave up on acting after Stanley Kubrick traumatised her on the set of The Shining. 

Shelley Duvall starred in The Shining discovered methodical and obsessive nature of Kubrick when he terrorized her on set so that she would portray genuine fear for her role. After that, Duvall only did a few more parts before retiring a few years later.


Indeed, the world of glamour isn’t as bright as we think it is. 

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