It’s not always that easy to be the tall one in your group. Here’s a list of problems and issues that we tall women go through almost every day

1. “Dude, how are you so tall?”

Umm. Yeah… Why don’t you google “Genetics” and “heredity.” Then we can be friends again.

2. “I am sure you play a lot of sports. Are you a swimmer? No, you must be a basketball player!”

Seriously? This gem is often followed up with “did you hang on monkey bars when you were small?” and all you can do is stand there with a straight face.

3. Being asked, “Stand in front me, the sun is killing me.”

I’m pretty sure that last time I checked, I was not a beach umbrella.

4. “Can you please reach that shelf, I am too short”.

How about “No?”

5. Trying to keep from banging your head in a low ceiling room is like playing Flappy Bird.

No matter how careful you are, you always end up banging your head once or twice in small spaces.

6. That depressing moment when you realise that not all cute guys are tall.

You spot a hot guy and then you spot how short he is. And you’re like “Never mind.” You don’t settle for anything below 6’ ft.

7. People judge you for wearing heels.

“Why do you need heels?”

“You’re so tall already. Don’t wear those heels because it’ll look all awkward.”

Story of my life.

8. The Awkward Hugs.

You can’t help feeling like a monster while hugging your short friends.

9. “My jeans don’t reach my ankles.”

Your friends are constantly folding their jeans and getting them hemmed but you will never know that feeling. Finding a pair of jeans that fit is harder than finding a cute guy as tall as you are.

10. That awkward moment when the sleeves are always short.

You see all these sexy sweaters and jackets in stores but you don’t buy them because you know that the sleeves will never reach your wrist.

11. When people look at your pictures with your friends, they keep commenting “you look like his/her mother.”

Your reaction – “No I don’t… sob sob.

12. Uncomfortable bus, airplane and car journeys.

Long legs are a blessing. But not in confined spaces. It’s almost impossible to sit in one place for extended periods of time.

13. Normal length shorts become hot pants for you.

It is nearly impossible to find shorts with the right length. So, you end up tailoring your old jeans and corduroys.

Despite all these problems, you love being tall because in the end, it gives you confidence and makes you look sexy. Tall girls out there, give yourself a pat on the back and be awesome.