Lip syncing Hindi and Punjabi songs on Instagram, and TikTok before that is how Indian teens spend most of their time. Quite frankly, it’s a tad irritating, redundant to the point of exhaustion and speaks of the dearth of creativity! 

But every once in a while, something good comes out of it. Case in point, this Tanzanian duo dancing to Teri Meri Gallan Ho Gayi Mashhoor is the most adorable thing on the internet you could hope to find on a Monday. 

Oh, and there’s another video of the same song, BTW!

They know the whole song. It’s brilliant. That lipsync is dead on point. 

Even Shershaah actor, Siddharth Malhotra, the original actor on whom the song was filmed, loved it and shared it on Instagram. 

Desi Twitter is loving this, BTW, as you could have guessed!

Oh, and it’s not just one song. Check out their Instagram page. It’s amaze! They love Bollywood and that Insta page is a testament to that! Hope, they keep making more of these videos!