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So, the other day, just when I finished watching the current Internet rage (only after Tara’s saree game), Made In Heaven, I sulked on my sofa wondering what next? To my surprise, Tara and Karan had released a fun video announcing that they’ve now also become hashtag creators! I mean, my wedding hangover wasn’t even over and they’re already branching out their career. I wonder if this is another one of Jazz’s brilliant idea… 

Tara and Karan will help you nail your hashtag game and you won’t even have to cut them a cheque. Hope Jauhari Ji doesn’t have an issue. 

Like a restless 4-year-old, I quickly checked out and boy! Are these guys really gonna do this for free? The website is so much fun! And, I’m very subtly putting it out there for the MIH team that my friends and I are all in, if the next season revolves around wedding hashtags! 

Here’s a sneak-peek of their website.

While I was at it, I tried making Pratik and Akshay’s BFF hashtag and the result was hilarious!

A wedding may be rife with fun and excitement, but these days, it’s the perfect hashtag that serves as the heartbeat of the big day. Create your own personalized wedding, couple or friendship hashtags here.