Arya Stark is such a savage.

The youngest daughter to Lord Eddard Stark and his wife Lady Catelyn Stark, she was forced to flee her own home after a series of tragedies wiped out half her family in cold blood.

Alone and terrified, she braved several life-threatening challenges before getting to the safety of Braavos and being accepted in House of Black and White, where she trains to become a legendary combat expert.


Initially an underdog, she emerged a true warrior when time tested her. The tomboyish rebel had always hated singing and dancing anyway. She liked fighting with swords. And riding horses like a champion.

Now, the once-little girl has mastered everything, including her fear of death. Arya is a survivor. Now, she’s simply no one, a faceless person who will stop at nothing till she seeks revenge from everyone on her famous “list” of targets.


We have no doubt that she’ll finish it off one day. Till then, here’s the complete list. Check it out!

1. Joffrey Baratheon

Reason: The sick, sadistic bastard had it coming from someone anyway, but he was added to Arya’s list as it was on his orders Ned Stark was executed. And he absolutely enjoyed seeing an innocent man’s head fly off.

Fate: Dead as a duck. He met a horrible end by being poisoned. He puked, choked and turned purple before breathing his last in the arms of his evil mother. Sadly, the deed was done by Olenna Martell and Petyr Baelish a.k.a. Littlefinger. If only Arya had been there.


2. Walder Frey

Reason: He wiped off Arya’s mother, big brother and his pregnant wife at the unforgettably haunting Red Wedding. The North might have lost their king, but Arya lost half her family to a coward’s plan that tricked guests at a celebration into their demise.

Fate: Gone. Arya made him history with one swift move of her knife, but not before feeding him his own sons in a meat pie. When he tried to run off, she sliced his throat open and let him bleed to death. As they say, revenge is a dish best served cold.


3. Tywin Lannister

Reason: The oldest Lannister was the sneaky mastermind behind the Red Wedding. It was his idea to lure the Starks to the night that would be their last. He collaborated with House Frey, which happily agreed to help. Also, he was an asshole of the highest order, anyway.

Fate: Killed by his own son, Tyrion, with a crossbow while he was taking a shit on the pot. For a man of his rude arrogance, royal stature and years of experience, he sure did meet a really stinky end. No pun intended. Too bad Arya missed out.


4. Meryn Trant

Reason: The list started because of him; he was the first ever “entry” on it. He was the hateful knight who killed Arya’s beloved sword-fighting teacher, Syrio Forel. Oh, and Trant also publicly beat the crap out of Sansa, right after Ned Stark’s execution. Of course, Arya didn’t know about that.

Fate: Very, very dead. Stabbed repeatedly, blinded and murdered by Arya in the disguise of a prostitute at a brothel. She made sure he suffered as much as possible before swinging her sharp knife one final time.


5. Gregor Clegane a.k.a. The Mountain

Reason: No one can forget what the fearsome giant did in Harrenhal, masked as an “interrogator”. He relentlessly tortured both old and young men, women and innocent children to extract information for King Joffrey. You could tell he enjoyed it like hell. Arya knew it too.

Fate: Half-alive, half-dead. Now, he’s literally a monster. After Oberyn Martell killed him during trial by combat, the demented and disgraced maester, Qyburn, brought him back to life – as a zombie. He currently guards Cersei and wipes off anyone that gets in her way.


6. Sandor Clegane a.k.a. The Hound

Reason: He made the mistake of cruelly executing Arya’s friend, Mycah, even though he was blameless and terrified. The little boy was a butcher’s son and chopped down as a result of an incident in which a dog bit Joffrey. So, Cersei sent a full grown adult to teach Mycah a lesson, which The Hound gleefully did.

Fate: Still alive. He almost died in an epic face off with Brienne of Tarth. When the lady beat his sorry ass, he tumbled out of sight. Arya found him, lying bloody and totally broken. Even though The Hound asked her to mercy “kill” him, she left him alone to suffer. Brother Ray saved him later.


7. Polliver

Reason: He killed her friend, Lommy, and stole her precious pointy sword gifted by Jon Snow, Needle. At the time of their last encounter in a pub, Arya was The Hound’s prisoner. Polliver also proposed a ‘barter’ – to take Arya in exchange for a piece of chicken. That’s when the fight began.

Fate: Dead after being impaled by the very Needle he stole, at the hands of a vengeful Arya. When she found her old blade in the middle of the chaos, she didn’t waste a second to charge at Polliver and make him pay for everything.


8. Ilyn Payne

Reason: He’s Arya’s father, Eddard Stark’s executioner. His name doesn’t make total sense on the list as he was merely following the orders of his king and doing his job. There was no personal vendetta.

Fate: Unknown. He hasn’t been seen for a really long time. Who knows, maybe the show’s writers killed his character. Sorry, Arya. You might have to let go of this one.


9. Thoros of Myr

Reason: The Lord of Light sold Arya’s buddy, Gendry, to Melisandre. He also set The Hound free; enough to madden the future assassin girl, thanks to the betrayal and resentment she still feels.

Fate: Very much thriving, and heading North with The Hound to tackle the White Walkers once and for all.


10. Beric Dondarrion

Reason: For doing exactly the same as his close and old friend, Thoros of Myr. He was a part of Gendry’s deal and The Hound’s escape. Arya holds them both equally responsible.

Fate: So, Beric Dondarrion has been killed and resurrected by Thoros of Myr like 6 times. Fat chance it won’t happen again. But he must be pretty used to it by now. Still, how about round 7, Beric? Arya is coming to get you.


11. Rorge

Reason: He too was a part of the Harrenhal torture scandal. Not only did he inflict pain upon hundreds of helpless victims, he even threatened to rape a very young Arya when they travelled together. He was cruel to the core.

Fate: Definitely burning in hell. Arya might not have been able to put him on her list earlier, as she didn’t know his name back then. But when she came finally face-to-face with him, she didn’t waste a second in taking him down.


12. Melisandre

Reason: The Red Woman took Gendry from the Brotherhood Without Banners, enraging Arya with her decision. But Arya is unaware of the fact that the lad was soon released in Westeros. Maybe if Arya knew, she’d cancel this name from her list.

Fate: Still breathing. Last we saw her leave from Dragonstone for Westeros, the place she knows holds her impending death. Maybe it’ll be Arya to punish the fire priestess for all her gruesome sins and mistakes.


13. Cersei Lannister

Reason: There are only a million reasons why this cunning, evil woman needs to die as soon as possible. But Arya’s is obvious; Cersei brought about her entire clan’s downfall by laying a trap and wrongfully proving her father a traitor. After his death, everyone in Winterfell was left to fight ugly battles of his or her own.

Fate: Sitting pretty on the Iron Throne. Now that all her kids are gone, she has taken charge and won’t stop till every single one of her enemies has bitten the dust. Thankfully, lots of people are after her life, so here’s hoping Arya gets there first.


You go, Arya. Do your thang, girl.