A nice girl doesn’t force their opinions on people. A nice girl smiles and says and waves and says thank you.’ I became the person everyone wanted me to be. 

The new trailer of singer Taylor Swift’s documentary Miss Americana starts with a monologue of her describing how she did what people asked her to do and lost her true self in the process.

She talks about a whole year she went into hiding after she got constant flak from the press for her friendships, relationships and her body image. 

The trailer basically shows her transformation while she was away from the spotlight. It shows her ‘shaking off’ all the negativity, discovering herself and exploring who she is and standing for what she believes in. 

The film also showed the process of writing her new song Only the Young which was featured in the docu film’s credits. 

You can watch the trailer here. 

The documentary will be released on January 31 in select theatres and on Netflix.  

All the screenshots have been sourced from Netflix.