Without a doubt, the funniest, most irreverent superhero to have ever come out, Deadpool famously won both hearts and the box-office, last year. 

Featuring Ryan Reynolds as the man behind the mask, the film was a major success and fans of the film have been eagerly waiting for the sequel. Who wouldn’t want to see Ryan reprise the role like only he can, right?

While Deadpool 2 only comes out in 2018, a teaser trailer for the sequel has just been dropped. And just like you’d have expected, this one is downright hilarious too! 


Showing not much except for Ryan trying to hurriedly wear his costume inside a telephone booth so that he can save a man on the street, it’s funny because nothing else happens and yet, so much happens! 

And yes, there’s a cheeky shot of Ryan’s derriere in the teaser too! 

Watch the teaser trailer here: 

Can’t wait for 2018, can you?