Theodore Evelyn Mosby – the man who took 9 long years to finally reveal to his kids how he met their mother. 

Just like a road trip with your friends, the HIMYM journey also started off with much excitement, only to end with the feeling you get when you can’t stand the sight of your friends but have to because you’ve invested so much time and energy in them. The road trip gets even worse if your car tyres magically get punctured, every few hours. 

Ted Mosby was the punctured tyre in How I Met Your Mother because this guy just could not function smoothly.


Before you start charging at me with comments praising Ted, understand that I don’t quite care, just like your beloved Ted didn’t every time he dumped someone without second thoughts. After all, this man dated over 25 women, during the course of the show. 

From rushing into relationships to confessing his love for Robin on the first-fucking date, was it just me or could anyone of you also smell desperation? 

But we’ve got to applaud the man for giving us the corniest, cheesiest and most obnoxious reason for his desperation. He was finding ‘the one’. 

Also, he’s the one who said things even though he never believed in them. Otherwise why would he be so bloody desperate?

Knowing his track record with the ladies, if there was one thing that Ted Mosby could never understand, it was love.

To be honest, I’m glad that Stella left him at the altar. He went on pursuing her even after she clearly told him not to, once again reinstating the popular belief that when a girl says ‘no’, it’s actually and eventually a ‘yes’.

We’ll cut him some slack because to be honest, understanding love is probably more difficult than understanding quantum physics. But what about friendship?


Friendship is the most generous relationship that exists. Devoid of unnecessary expectations and bitchy judgement, friends are capable of making you a better person. But not if you take them for granted. And Mr. Mosby did just that!

Ted’s life was a constant sob story that his friends had to keep up with. 

From his relationships to hits and misses in love, his friends were supposed to listen and advise. There’s no harm in that because that’s what they are for. But you’re only taking their concern and genuine advise for granted by not doing what they say!

While Ted’s crankiness got the group together at MacLaren’s every night, it was the other 4 characters who had our attention. 

I mean, even an over-the-top character like Barney with his randomness and narcissism was more relatable than cry-baby Ted

Anyway, coming back to still-searching-for-the-one-by-ruining-the-lives-of-over-20-girlsTed, life was very sorted for him. He had a good job, his apartment was in the middle of Man-fuckin-hattan and his friends were always a call away. 

But Ted was still sad. If this isn’t a Shakespearean tragedy, then what is?

We’ve come to the conclusion that Ted should’ve just remained in the mutual friends section of Barney, Robin, Lily and Marshall’s Facebook friend-list because his physical presence clearly made no difference, except for showing the world what the leader of IMF looks like.

Not the International Monetary Fund but the International Man-child Foundation, that is!