If you’re a 90s kid then you’d agree with me that nothing compared to the kind of cartoons we watched while growing up. 

Speaking of which, let’s talk about one of the most iconic and beloved cartoons that captivated the imaginations of every kid growing up during those years AKA Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. 


Even though us Indian kids got to see this action-filled cartoon much later, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles became a massive phenomenon the minute it got released. And why the hell not? It combined the three most kickass things that every kid was bound to love. 

Mutants: Check
Ninjas: Check 
Pizzas: Check and check 

I mean the entire origin of the show was so twisted yet so damn epic.

A ninjutsu master gets banished from Japan and resides in the New York sewers. He stumbles upon four baby turtles who come into contact with radioactive green ooze and gets exposed to it. While the man becomes a talking rat, Master Splinter, the four turtles become half-humans, half-turtles and are taught the art of ninjutsu. 


How stupidly fantastic is this plot? I mean, could anyone have thought of this now? Hell naa!

But the story is not even the awesome part about the cartoon. It was those four turtles with their distinct as hell personalities.  


Be it the courageous and devoted leader Leonardo, or the rugged bad boy Raphael. The nerdy Donatello or the goofy Michelangelo, all four of them gave all us kids hope that no matter what character we like the most, we still can be those badass turtles who save people with their cool martial arts skills.  

But their personalities were not the only thing distinct about them. All of them acquired a different set of skills and mastery of weaponry. While Leo wielded two Katanas, Mickey had a pair of Nunchaku. Donnie weilded a Bo, while Raph had a pair of Sai. 

Who even knew what these things were before they came into our lives? 

And then of course the names of the 4 turtles were inspired by famous painters from the Renaissance era. What is this next level of creativity? 

Also, how cool was investigative reporter April O’Neill’s no fucks giving attitude? 

Personally, my favourite part of the entire series was that one-minute long theme song of the cartoon. That song literally used to get me all pumped up and you’d catch me throwing those karate chops and flying kicks everywhere. 

And lastly, this series gave us the biggest villains of all times. From criminal duo sidekicks Bebop and Rocksteady…


To the brain-like alien Krang.


But the greatest villain amongst all of them was part Doctor Doom, part Kingpin, The Shredder.   


He might not look like the greatest villain in this picture, but back in the days he made a lot of us shiver with fear. 

Honestly, shows can keep improving as much as they want, but today’s kids will never witness the best action series of all times.