There are multiple reasons why we never get tired of watching Jaane Tu... Ya Jaane Na.

But while Rats and Meow made for an adorable on-screen couple, Jaane Tu also deserves complete credit for gifting us one of the warmest, most relatable, and honest brother-sister relationships that we've ever seen. 

Jaane TU
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Amit (Prateik Babber) and Aditi (Genelia D'Souza) were a far cry from the overly emotional, extra sanskaari, and melodramatic sibling relationships that Bollywood had been peddling for years. 

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But, it was Amit and Aditi's relationship that reminded most of us of the unique love-hate bond that we share with our siblings, where we'd give them a kidney, but fight them to death for control of the TV remote. 

Right from the time Amit is introduced, we are treated to the fact that Amit and Aditi's language of love is constant fights and incessant teasing. 

Amit wastes no time in troubling and irritating Aditi's friends, and as a younger sibling myself, I completely side with him. Of course, Aditi responds like any elder sibling would - by threatening bodily harm.

Where, at one point, the only role a brother played in a film was to protect and/or avenge his sister's virtue, here we had a film where the brother went out of his way to trouble her. And was quickly reprimanded for it. To call it a refreshing change, is an understatement. 

Jaane Tu
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Similarly, while the two waste no time in blaming each other in front of their parents, they are also each other's fiercest supporter. 

Aditi still seeks to develop a friendship with her brother, no matter how aloof he may appear. And he can't offer her advice without insulting her at the same time, because that's just how siblings converse. 

Siblings are two people who come together against a common enemy - their parents' rules. 

But they are also two people who will happily throw each other under the bus if it meant getting extra favours from their parents. Exactly like Amit and Aditi's relationship. 

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A sibling relationship can be messy, fun, annoying, and loving, all at the same time. And Amit and Aditi's relationship may have not fit the melodramatic mould that Bollywood favours, but it was a perfect representation of what sibling relationships actually look like in real life.