Ever wondered what it’s like to be in a rock band? The struggle beneath all that glamour and fame? The bleeding fingers behind those guitar riffs, the weeks and weeks of hard work to churn out that one perfect song which you love? The struggle is what segregates legends from amateur artists. And today, we celebrate 25 legendary years of our homegrown rock band, Parikrama, one such legendary band. 

These are years of hard core rock and roll in a country that had been engulfed by the grandeur of commercial and pop artists. The attitude towards acknowledging fame with a nod and then moving on, with more than 3000 gigs and still the same energy on stage – that’s Parikrama for you. And we still wonder, what is it that keeps them going?

Parikrama School of Music

To begin with, it is the passion that drives them to religiously follow their dream. Their common influences got them together and they’ve never looked back ever since. Even with some members gone and new ones on board, Parikrama never compromised on their ideology and sentiment to go on producing the kind of music that they do. Not only does this force keep them together, it also motivates them to practice till 6 in the morning, without fail, even today. Parikrama’s dedication is a measure of 161 gigs performed in a single year, which is more than the next five Indian bands combined for that particular time frame!



This was a band that set the standards of the Indian rock scene so high that it still remains unattainable for many. 

Parikrama estimated the power of the Internet way before anyone else did. 

They made their website in an age when the Internet was still an unexplored territory. Strong believers of freedom of expression, Parikrama exercised this belief of theirs by releasing songs on the official website with free download access. This is a band that has never come up with a single album, and they have never given into the luxuries of the Bollywood offers that came their way. Both their music and intentions have been pure ever since their first original, Xerox (1991).

Rightly hailed as the Godfathers of Rock, Parikrama is respected not only as the pioneer of the Indian rock scene,  but also as a mentor for many young artists. 

A plethora of bands cite them as their mentor and support system. This is the very same reason why a strong fan army refuses to abandon them. Never shying away from personally responding to fan messages and mails, they’ve time and again proved the brilliance that they stand for. And fans have loved them back equally, if not more. Gestures of love by their fans have translated into getting tattoos of Parikrama members and travelling to every city just to be able to listen to them and head bang to the music they thrive for, again and again.


Parikrama has managed to carve a whole new space for themselves in the music industry. If you have attended their concert, then you know what I am talking about. 

They are not just about music, they are so much more. Parikrama is one of the few bands that can be seen associated with social causes. Before, ‘concerts for a cause’ were a thing, Parikrama was performing to support the Free Tibet Movement, animal rights and underprivileged kids. They believe in the undisputed power of music and that has also translated into Parikrama and Friends. A concert that they organize every now and then, where they play with other contemporary artists like Agnee, Indian Ocean, Shilpa Rao etc. Competition! What’s that?


If you are an ardent follower of Indian rock, then you must be well aware of the moment when Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden’s lead vocalist) himself, was seen headbanging to Parikrama’s deadly music. This was Parikrama’s opening act for Iron Maiden, and it blew Dickinson out of his mind. As a result, Parikrama went on to play in UK with them at the Download Festival in 2007. They played in a line-up studded with legends like Megadeth, Dream Theater and Linkin Park. 


Legends are not made overnight. From school concerts to International Music Festivals and Solo Tours, Parikrama has made history by challenging the ways of society with every step of theirs. 

Their tightness as a band, the stage presence of each and every member and their true intention towards making music, made us fall in love with this rebellious bunch of artists. Today, they stand strong with 25 years of godly presence, inspiring us to dream and work hard for what we’re passionate about.

If you haven’t seen them live yet, don’t you worry, because these Gods of Rock are here to stay. It is there, that beyond the screeching solos, the overpowering vocals and the gut busting beats, you will realize that you are home. 

Peace, trees and Rock n Roll. m/