Eight years ago, when Game of Thrones first aired, the audience took some time warming up to it. 

But by the time season 1 ended, they were prepared for two things – to expect the unexpected and to never, ever skip the opening credits. 


Because score composer Ramin Djawadi gifted GoT a theme song that perfectly suited all that the show stood for – the intrigue, the destruction, the unexpected wins, and the shocking deaths. Everything. 


There is a reason why eight seasons and 73 episodes later, we still wait patiently to listen to the one minute, 46 seconds long track. 


This is not something we skip ahead, fast forward, or in any way harm the sanctity of the absolutely beautiful track. The one that actually encompasses our emotions in a way that leaves us speechless.


The one thing we are still just as much in love with as when the show first aired, eight years ago – even when everything else may have shaken our loyalties.

And today, as the series finally came to an end, if there was one thing that united divided fans – other than Drogon and Ghost winning pets of the year awards – it was the hauntingly beautiful track.

It was the perfect score to bid adieu to the Starks as they embarked on their separate journeys. The perfect track to hint at the new era GoT left us with – one that was characterized by old bickering and new rule makers. And it was the perfect score to hum, as finally, a song of ice and fire was sung for the last time. 


And no matter how many other wonderfully beautiful tracks Ramin Djawadi continues to compose, GoT will always be special.