2020 and 2021 have been nothing less than a nightmare. From fighting a pandemic to grieving losses, we have been through a lot. And, the last thing we wanted was a hike in petrol and diesel prices. 

At an all-time high, the price of petrol is ₹101.84 per litre and diesel at ₹89.87 per litre in Delhi. 

The rest of the country and of course, the people are facing the brunt of it too. Turning this pain into a viral challenge are netizens who are ‘thanking’ Modiji for this unprecedented feat.   

In the #ThankYouModiJiChallenge, people are posting pictures of them posing in front of Modiji’s poster at petrol pumps while their hands are raised in a prayer position. 

Now, my only question is jab saari salary petrol main jaa rahi hai toh FD kiski banaye? Thank you Modiji.