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Rajinikanth, the one name you know that will get you blockbuster hits, one after another. Idolised by the entire country, he is as close to being a Demi-God as one can get. One such blockbuster movie was Baashha. Released in the 90s, this was the story of Manikam (Rajinikanth), an auto driver in Chennai who had a troublesome (read: thug-life) past. This movie shows how far a man will go to protect his family against anyone that tries to bring harm to them and knowing Rajinikanth, you know he’d go really, really far.


Now, 22 years later, Ola has digitally remastered the movie and all the scenes that have autos have been rebranded with Ola’s name. 

Needless to say, once the people got to know that Rajinikanth will be driving Ola autos, people lost their minds, left, right and centre! I mean, just imagine, your favourite actor driving an Ola auto, now that is not a sight that you will ever see. 

The remastered version of the film has given a great push to Ola’s ‘Ola Baashha Mela’, a three-day event, that started on 8th April till 10th April, was aimed at helping the existing auto drivers to come to Ola’s platform and gave them an opportunity to purchase new autos at subsidised rates. Over 25,000 auto drivers, both new and existing ones attended this mela, during the 3-days. 

The 3-day event had a score of entertaining and fun activities for the drivers and their family and drivers even had the chance to win movie tickets.

Along with subsidised autos, Ola also provided them with free insurance and free garage services. The thought behind this mela was to enable these auto drivers to become micro-entrepreneurs by adding autos to their existing fleet at a lower cost and avail many benefits that Ola has to offer. And it’s not just the existing auto owners who can reap these benefits, even new ones are given the same privileges if they come onboard. 

Their app, for these drivers, is available in 9 different regional languages, which ensures ease-of-use, for both the drivers and the customers. 

Check out the video below and get a sneak-peek into what the mela was all about, including a look-alike Rajinikanth waving to the crowd from an auto!

Feature image source: Indian Express