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When we think of alien movies, we generally think about weird looking creatures, with gigantic heads, oddly shaped eyes, enormous hands and beings who are ready to wreak havoc at the drop of a hat. Well, you think of them because that’s what you’ve seen in mostly all movies.

Last year, a movie by the name of Arrival completely changed the way we looked at aliens. The movie wowed us with its stunning screenplay and story, winning several awards in the process. The movie had so many interesting aspects to it that a single sitting was never enough to completely understand it all. Which is why I’m pretty sure many of were intrigued by it. Here are my two cents on why Arrival was an alien movie unlike any other. 

1. ‘Coz the movie focuses on language and beyond.


The entire movie is based on how a linguistic professor decodes the language of the Heptapods (aliens who have come to Earth) and eventually understands how language is only just a stepping-stone towards communication.

2. This movie redefines alien invasions, completely. 


Theories talk about how our planet has always been a frequently visited place by the aliens. Movies, over the years, have also picked up on this and showed aliens landing their enormous flying crafts on our planet. Arrival, on the other hand, is a cut above the rest. While the movie does show a semi-circular craft suspended in mid-air, what it doesn’t show is the violence that many associate with it. 

3. Arrival intrigues and delights you at the same time. 


The Heptapods make you feel such extreme emotions with their presence that you’re glued to the screen. The way they communicate with Amy Adams (the lead actor) makes you want to believe it’s real, but the glass wall and thick smoke keeps you guessing. 

4. ‘Coz it showcases our primal instinct perfectly.


Humans will always be scared of anything more intelligent or superior than them, hence kicking in our primal instinct to protect ourselves. When the crafts land, the first reaction of the characters is to deploy the armed forces in order to protect us and our planet, thereby strengthening this very thought. 

5. The movie raises a valid question – who are we really fighting? 


Perhaps this is the only question that will keep you occupied throughout the movie is when will these Heptapods finally attack? The answer is something that you will have to find out yourself. Hint – Pay close attention whenever China is mentioned in the movie.

6. It’s neither a flashback nor is it a flash forward, the movie changes our perception of time.


There are times in the movie that will make you think it’s a flashback and in the next moment you’ll think that “no, it’s talking about the future.” The truth is that this movie is opening us to the possibility that time is not linear. 

7. Arrival will question the choice you’d make between morality and motherhood.  


After coming in contact with the aliens and learning about the non-linear nature of time, the character that Amy Adams plays develops a unique ability to foresee things way before they happen. One of the most crucial is that of her daughter. She knows what the future holds for her daughter and what she decides during the course of the movie, gives it deeper and a complicated meaning. 

I’m sure by now you can’t wait to sit with a bucketful of popcorn, a large bottle of soda and enjoy this engaging movie. And your wish has indeed come true. &Privé HD, a channel for those who understand the deeper meaning of movies is going to exclusively showcase Arrival on Sunday, 15th October 2017 at 1:00 PM and 9:00 PM

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