In order to celebrate hope, during times when everything seems bleak, The Academy shared a video that’ll help you see the light at the end of the tunnel. A beautiful montage featuring some of the best films over the years was shared by the Academy Awards to help lift spirits. 

At the heart of this hopeful spirit, was Irrfan Khan’s heartbreaking clip from The Life Of Pi when he says that his happy ending, is up to you. 

The video features shots from memorable films like Her, The Shawshank Redemption, Captain Marvel, Parasite, Interstellar, Black Panther, The School Of Rock, The Dark Knight, Legally Blonde and Little Woman

However, fans were left overwhelmed when they spotted Irrfan Khan’s clip in the video. 

Watch the video here:

He may no longer be with us, but his work and his legacy will continue to live on. Irrfan Khan was one of the most brilliant actors we saw on screen and it is heartwarming to watch his be celebrated in this way, as a ray of hope.