The first episode of the The Falcon and The Winter Soldier released last week to much fanfare and critical acclaim. After all, it’s not often you see a TV show with the production budget of a blockbuster movie. However, one scene has left people rather confused. 


Apparently, the Avengers don’t get paid? Like, there’s no formal system in place to pay Earth’s mightiest heroes. Instead, they depend on the ‘goodwill of the public’.


This puzzling situation was brought to light in a scene where Sam Wilson and his sister go to apply for a loan in order to save their debt-ridden fishing business.

The guy at the bank even enquires about how the Avengers get paid, and whether Tony Stark used to pay them. Sam lets him know that it didn’t really work like that. 


The entire exchange highlighted something that drove fans crazy. Why didn’t Tony pay them, and if it wasn’t his responsibility to pay them – whose was it?

However, while several people also defended Tony, and pointed out that it was never his responsibility to pay them.

We need answers, Marvel!