If you were born at a time when early 2000 movies were the real deal, then you would’ve definitely watched Steve Martin, Hilary Duff starrer Cheaper By The Dozen. 


Cheaper By The Dozen was a wholesome comedy film about a rather huge Baker family and it was nothing short of amazing. And now that we’re all stuck in this lockdown, the Baker family had a little family reunion and we absolutely loved it. 

Piper Perabo, who played the eldest daughter Nora, posted a video with the caption “Surprise! From the Baker family to yours. We are all in this together,”

Hillary Duff recreated her face mask look.

And even the twins got together.  

In fact, the video reunited all the kids from the movie and they recreated their famous poses from the film. All of them got together in support of US charity No Kid Hungry to raise some much-needed funds to feed children throughout this dreadful crisis. 


The 2003 led movie starred Martin and Hunt as the parents of 12 kids all living under one roof.