The trailer of The Batman just dropped. And no, this is not a drill!

The caped crusader is back in the body of a hardened Robert Pattinson all set to fight against Gotham’s gritty criminal ecosystem.

Along with a ‘certain villain’ with a penchant for riddles.

And long-time friend-cum-foe Catwoman (Zoë Kravitz).

As per writer-director Matt Reeves, this won’t be an origin story and will pick up from a world where the Batman lives and thrives on fighting crime.

Beating his enemies to a pulp and being the coolest detective there is, Batman swaps his signature catchphrase with “I am vengeance”. Making us wonder where this story is going to take us.

Slated to release in October 2021, we can’t wait for the return of Batman in our lives.