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Do any of you remember the film Border? Sandeshe aate hai? Yeah! That one! How many of you remember what it was about? For those of you who are thinking about looking it up right now, don’t cheat. I’ll tell you.  

The film is about the Battle of Laungewala, one of the most crucial battles from the Indo-Pak War in 1971. The victory at Laungewala contributed heavily towards India’s overall victory in the war. We celebrate Vijay Diwas every year on 16th of December to commemorate this. On that note, here’s 6 things we should all remember about the famous battle of Laungewala.

1. There were only 120 Indian soliders.

Soldier 2nd Life

The battle was fought between Pakistan and India at the post of Laungewala in the Thar Desert in Rajasthan. The Indian army, though had only 120 soldiers while the Pakistani army had around 3000 of them. It was a real David-Goliath story.

2. And their courage knew no bounds.


When Major Chandpuri, Commander of the Punjab regiment, was informed by Lt. Dharamvir, about Pakistani forces crossing international border, the Major decided to stay back and defend the strategic post despite being given the option to withdraw.

3. They had sturdy companions in the form of  Mahindra RCL 4X4s.

When troops from across the border approached the post with tank divisions and a 3000-man-strong force, our troops were equipped with Mahindra RCL 4X4s fitted with recoilless rifles. These, however, proved themselves to be of prime importance. They helped destroy the opposition tanks, which in turn lit the battlefield as the spare fuel tanks caught fire. Hence, despite being hugely outnumbered, the Indian Army was not able to hold its ground, but also win the battle. As a reminder, a Mahindra RCL 4X4 still stands strong at the Laungewala War Memorial even today.  

4. Sudden attacks and minefields deterred the Pakistan army.

Soldier 2nd Life

A sudden attack during the battle surprised the enemy and prevented them from getting close. They were confused by the fact that there was an attack but also could see barbed wire, which was a sign that there was a minefield. They spent crucial hours to figure that out, only to be fooled as there was minefield there after all – just that the Indian Army had anti-tank mines and therefore could cross to attack, but the tanks couldn’t.

5. And the Thar desert saved the day for the Indian army.

Even the sandy terrain helped out! While trying a new route to avoid the mines, the Pakistani army had to cross the Thar desert and its soft sand. Needless to say, the heavy tanks got stuck in the sand and that made them easy targets for the Indian army.

6. As the sun rose, the Indian Air Force came to finish the job. 

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Just like in the film, the Indian Air Force, stationed in a nearby airfield in Jaisalmer, could not fly at night and therefore could not help the army out until sunrise. But the Indian army kept their enemy at bay during the night and as the sun rose, help came in the form of the air force who destroyed whatever was left of the Pakistani Army. However, I don’t think there were any thumbs up exchanged.

And that’s how the Battle of Laungewala was won. And while many credit the air force, we can’t forget the brave 120 soldiers and the equipment they used to win the war — like the Mahindra RCL 4X4.

Mahindra has built a strong legacy over the period of 70 years. It isn’t just an army veteran, but has also been used by prominent Indian figures from time to time. So if you’ve been wondering why Mahindra has been evoking your adventurous side, well now you know.

In their new film, Mahindra hails the spirit of the Indian army during the Battle of Laungewala. Watch the video below and feel it bring forth the patriot in you!